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Sanitize your hand on the go.

Kleen-wear is a unique, refillable, hand sanitizer bracelet made from premium quality material and designed precisely for your comfort and health.

No matter where you are, the kleen-wear bracelet will be on your hand to keep your hygiene.

With it’s unique look  just choose the color matching your style and wear it as a practical accessory.

You have your favorite hand sanitizer that nourishes your skin, effective against germs and it has a pleasant fragrance? Just use that to fill it up and take it with yourself anywhere you go. It can be a gel, liquid or anything in between, with one refill it lasts throughout the day. Use your trusted hand sanitizer anywhere, anytime, comfortably.

Sports, shopping, travelling. Kleen-wear is the right choice for all activities to maintain your hand hygiene as comfortably as possible.

The product package includes:

  • kleen-wear unique hand sanitizer bracelet
  • user manual

You can use kleen-wear bracelet with your choice of hand sanitizer that you love and trust. That is why we do not include hand sanitizer in the product package.


  • Adjustable circumference: 14 – 19 cm
  • Width: 1.8 cm
  • Height of container: 1.3 cm


  • Within 5-7 workdays.
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  1. Simona Batca

    Hi! I’m very satisfied with the kleen-wear bracelet. I wear it all the time when I travel, work or go out with friends. Thanks:)!

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