About us

We all want to get back to the normal life. We want to meet with our friends, have a cup of coffee at our favorite cafe, travel, go to the movies, workout at the gym and so on. To say it in one word: we want to be free again.


The pandemic showed us that we have to look out for our health more in order to maintain our lifestyle. We have to take care of our personal hygiene, the first line of defense in the process, on a daily basis.

Most infections spread through direct contact. The most exposed and contaminated part of our body, that comes in direct contact with our environment is our hand. This is why maintaining our hand hygiene is essential.


Kleen-wear hand sanitizer bracelet helps you comfortably and quickly clean your hands no matter where you are and what you do. With it’s unique forms and shapes it doesn’t only function as a practical device but with choosing the right color it’s a stylish accessory.


Our goal at kleen-wear is to fight against the global pandemic so our life can
go back to normal as soon as possible. In the long term we intend to increase the popularity of hand sanitizing by making a comfortable and integrate unique design. With the help of our product people will be more conscious about their hygiene, prevent the spread of diseases, infections and global pandemics.

Best regards,

kleen-wear team